27 Μαΐ 2012

I will brush off all the dirt and I will pretend it didn't hurt

There was a girl who could only live on lemonade. Her parents were really old and rubbish and just kept giving it to her to the point where she couldn’t have anything else. Or they were really nice and only gave it to her because they really like her i can’t make my mind up about that bit. She could only live on lemonade if she didn’t have lemonade she would die and her parents were going to die soon because they had something wrong with them, like their blood was blue or something. She had a brother but he was really stupid so know one cared about him they just wanted their little girl to live.Before they died they put the girl in a bottle of lemonade. They just left her brother sat by her. She could see him really well because lemonade helped her eye sight so she could see him really clearly through the sides, even though the glass was as thick as a skull. And because it was the country side there was nothing for him to eat and nothing for him to buy and he was starving and she could see that and there was no one looking after him and because he was a bit stupid he couldn’t look after himself and it kept on raining so he got a bit rusty. She was having an amazing time in the lemonade but she knew she had to help him ,so she swam to the surface but she couldn’t get out it was to far away since the bottle was so big. She knew she had to do something he was getting worse and worse and he was really hungry and thirsty and he started eating grass and puking up all the time. All she could do was watch him puk his guts up one the other side of the glass. But then bingo, she knew what she had to do, she started to drink and she drank and she drank and she drank, this was a lot of lemonade enough to last her till she forever because her parents wanted her to live for ages and she drank until she was in an empty bottle she waited until she had a big one stored up and then she done a massive fart with blew her out the top like a rocket. Then she stopped her brother eating grass, then they went and found a nice little house to live in together, her and her brother, and it turned out that drinking all that lemonade cured her, because she never drank it again. She had orange instead

24 Μαΐ 2012

I'd do it all again. The fucks, the fuck-ups, everything

To those who had conflicting perspectives in regards to what she personified , well she’d blow smoke into their faces, with an air of nonchalance. “Their opinions are irrelevant.” She just wouldn’t give a damn. Unabashedly she was never one for conformity. She was never afraid to voice her opinion and do what she wanted as apposed to what the majority aligned to. She was a natural born leader with undeniable charisma and a yearning for individuality. She was Earth , wind , water and fire , truly everything in its extremity. She wasn’t polished like all the other queen bees , she was a little disheveled . She was psychotic , despairing and filled with infinite flaws. People still loved her though. I don’t blame them. She may have been falling off the rails and incredibly naive at times but beneath the exterior was indefinitely a heart filled with pure gold. She was so real , so intense and good. God she was so ridiculously beautiful. Her style was a true representation of her wild nature , an extension of who she was. Her emotions were so crazed. Perhaps she was suffering and had an appetite for self destruction but she drowned her sorrows in partying. We all thought she was utterly perfect despite her obvious flaws. Tragedy loves her and she evidently loves tragedy..The stars were falling from her crown and one day her pain could flood entire galaxies.

7 Μαΐ 2012

.it's a brave new world and it's coming out tonight.

Και περιμένεις μετά να πιστεύει το εν λόγω κόμμα ότι θέλει ο κόσμος να κυβερνήσει; Να πιστεύει σε σένα, σε μένα; Είναι παράλογο που δεν μας εμπιστεύεται; Και πως αν βγει αυτοδύναμο, θα σημαίνει αυτό και αυτοδυναμία στην κοινωνική πραγματικότητα, στην ζωή;Είμαστε δυστυχώς στην εποχή που δεν ψηφίζουμε συλλογικότητες ή έστω ιδεολογίες αλλά πρόσωπα και πελάτες, ή το ποιος να μείνει στο Big Brother... καθώς άλλωστε, και οι συλλογικότητες έχουν υποστεί καθίζηση, και τα σωματεία, όπως άλλωστε και οι ιδεολογίες, όχι μόνο ως παλιές, αλλά και μέσω της ανυπαρξίας νέων ή κάποιων που να είναι εν εξελίξει. Λείπει δηλαδή η συνείδηση και η συναίσθηση των δικαιωμάτων, ατομικών και συλλογικών, η αδυναμία να παρακολουθήσει κανείς την μορφή τους, αφού -και τί άλλο άλλωστε-έχει ρομαντικοποιηθεί η ατομικότητα, έχει εκλείψει η κοινωνική εμπειρία, το κοινωνικό νόημα στη ζωή.
Αλλά ας είναι.
Θα έχουμε όπως και να χει ό,τι μας αξίζει.
Ας εκλάβουμε αυτές τις εκλογές, ως τί άλλο παρά μια δημοσκόπηση.

Αλλά μιας και εκλέγεται Κοινοβούλιο, καλά ξεμπερδέματα, μας εύχομαι.

6 Μαΐ 2012

And suddenly, i felt nothing.

it doesn't matter what you create 
if you have no fun 
pretty girl, put down your pen 
come over here 
i'll show you how it's done 

i can dance 
i can drink 
in the dark 
it's all a trick 

across the room 
across the street 
i'm in the moment 
can't you see 

i'm a party girl 
do a twirl 
see my eyes throw a glance 
can't you tell i'm a natural 
life of a party girl 
funny girl 
make you laugh 
want me bad 
now i feel so much better 

in the back of a car 
i just met them tonight 
and i feel like such a star 

what's your name 
what's your art 
nobody knows 
about my broken heart 

yes i'm a party girl 
crazy girl 
see my lips how they move 
can't you see i'm a natural 
life of a party girl 
sexy girl 
i used to be so fragile 
but now i'm so wild 

what did you do last night?
oh i was out so late now i'm so tired 

i used to cry 
but now i don't have the time 
i used to be so fragile 
but now i'm so wild

so wild.